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Just had a small issue when I went to add a follow to 'Hitsugi no Chaika' with the Subber group of 'Chihiro'. It showed 'Chihiro' in the Subber tag dropdown but had 'Commie' as whom it would match to. Screenshot might explain better. This was easily fixed by manually selecting 'Chihiro' again in the Subber dropdown.

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  1. Torsdan

    Odd, I just clicked on that link and it showed the same as the screenshot. Tried again in IE and it shows up fine. Might be a issue with Chrome? (OP here, just forgot to sign in when creating ticket).

  2. Shana Project repo owner

    Works fine in Chrome for me. What version of Chrome are you using? Have you seen this happen for any others? Or is it just Chihiro/Commie?

  3. Torsdan

    Well after testing for awhile now, it appears it was one of the extensions in chrome, since opening it in incognito with nothing enabled seems to work. Looks like I'll just have to be attentive when following shows. But it hasn't happened with any other follows. Also thank you for the quick replys.

  4. Shana Project repo owner

    No worries. You don't know what extension do you? If so I could have a look and see where the incompatibility is...

  5. Torsdan

    Quick update, it appears everything I try to follow regardless which subber group it is, defaults to Commie.

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