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Shana Project repo owner created an issue

[original issue: Uriziel]

Lining two shows in a row breaks natural reading order of a list.

Shows should be split into one show per line.

Description of a show should be moved into saved space so it won't obscure picture any more.

Added in r568 - Seasons cannot be easily changed; Next/prev buttons would be nice addition.

Changed in r569 - Number of episodes are not obvious at first sight.

Changed in r569 - For series that have unknown episode count it should be more visible (i.e. "0 of ?" instead of just "0" as it is now.).

Changed in r569 - Name of show is blending with rest of the content, should be highlighted more.

Dates not obvious (air date? of first or last episode?).

Sort order not settable by user, always picks sorting by date.

Possible additions in series' description enumerated in additional information.

Additional Information: Possible additions to description:

  1. Summary
  2. Link to anidb/mal - VERY useful.
  3. Available fansubing groups (easy follow button?), should be possible to get them from anidb/mal, possibly with their api (not tested).
  4. Link to preview
  5. Air time (airs on mondays at 4am GMT <settable time zone?>)
  6. Time since first release of last aried episode (i.e. last episode was translated by [gg] first, 6 days 10 hours ago), possibly a statistic (first release on average of 4 hours after airing).
  7. Group xxx has most followers on this show.

Comments (4)

  1. Shana Project reporter

    Too many issues in one ticket really :p

    I'll get to each one as I see fit (some I consider more important than others - such as next/prev buttons).

    Regarding description info: 3) Requires some work but is something I'd like to have. Needs either editor (for pre-season) or some smarts. 4) Needs editor 5) Problem with this is if it ever changes 6) As above - requires the airing time/date to be consistent

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