Not recognizing 720P and 1080P with capital P

Issue #48 resolved
2Flwrs created an issue

The torrents with names:

  • [Chihiro] Grisaia no Kajitsu - 02 [1080P Hi10P AAC][B3F5FC2D].mkv
  • [Chihiro] Grisaia no Kajitsu - 02 [720P Hi10P AAC][7BA11094].mkv
  • [Chihiro] Grisaia no Kajitsu - 01 [1080P Hi10P AAC][09C3203D].mkv

are not marked with their respective resolutions (720p or 1080p).

This makes it hard to follow just the 720p variant, for example.

Since [Chihiro] Grisaia no Kajitsu - 01 [720p Hi10P AAC][BAA4257A].mkv is on the exact same form and is marked with 720p, I suspect this is due to the 'P' is lower-case here and upper-case for the other torrents.

I suggest that also "720P" and "1080P" are recognized as standing for "720p" and "1080p" respectively.

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  1. Shana Project repo owner

    Thanks for the detailed report. Fixed. Unfortunately this probably won't fix existing episodes that have been followed. But any new episodes will get added to follows correctly.

  2. 2Flwrs reporter

    Thanks for the heads-up that a follow will not pick these changes up retroactively. In this case, that's no problem for me, since I have already added the relevant files manually by 'Add to RSS'; and I postponed adding a follow 'till this was fixed.

    Thanks for the fast reply and fix.

    Shana Project is a superb service and the least I can do is provide detailed and relevant bug reports.

  3. Shana Project repo owner

    To provide a little more info: Follows are stored in a "shared" manner. So if someone creates a follow, it creates it in the database. If someone else creates an identical follow then it doesn't create a new follow; but instead just puts that users name against the existing one (to save on fairly complicated initial database calls). So even creating your follow later may not (but might) avoid the issue, but certainly any new files posted will be fine.

    Thanks for the kind words =)

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