Marking non-followed torrents matching a followed series as uninteresting.

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2Flwrs created an issue

This is just a minor suggestion for a feature that I would like to see in the future, if/when development time permits... I hope that you don't find this suggestion too wordy or irrelevant... If you do not like the idea, please just ignore it.

Main point

In the same vein as issue #24, a similar UI enhancement would be to mark (for example dim down) all torrents of a followed series that themselves does not match the follow.

That is: If I follow a certain series by a certain group, I would like the following to be marked (or dimmed) in the torrent listings:

  • Torrents of that series by groups that I don't follow.
  • Torrents of that series by the groups I follow, but that does not match the other criteria of the follow(s).

This would make it much quicker to skim through the main list of torrents for new material.

Perhaps making this available as an option would be best, since probably not all users would like it.

Extra functionality

If this is implemented, then it would be a small step to add an Uninteresting Series list that users could add series that they are not interested in to. All torrents for any series that matches this list would also be marked (dimmed) like above.

I suggest that everything should still show up in the list of torrents, just like already downloaded (via RSS) torrents show up, but are dimmed.


The logic for this marking would be:

Mark torrent as uninteresting IF:
( torrent does not match any of my_follows )
( torrent.series is in union of my_follows.series
OR torrent.series in my_uninteresting_series_list )

There may be some corner cases that needs to be treated differently, but the main idea is what is concisely described by the pseudocode above.

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