Origin and Timezone for Release Date?

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Regarding the date/times in the Release Date field: Where are they coming from and in what timezone are they listed?

[It does not match the creation date time-stamp in the .torrent files, at least. I checked two random torrents from the current list with both differing (by different amounts, and not whole hours) from the time in the Release Date field.]

If you use the time that the torrent was added to your database (showed in a fixed timezone or in the user's timezone), please show this to the user. For example as a mouse-over/alt-text that says "Time added to the database (GMT)" or "Time added to the database (your timezone)", or something like that. (And perhaps also a mention under Help and/or an option to set the timezone to use for the date/times?)

[Or if the date/time is from somewhere else, please make that information (i.e. what the origin of the data is) available...]

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