[Bug] Torrent files on main page do not default to https

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Issue #56 open
Former user created an issue

When downloading from directly from the shanaproject main pages, the torrent files are not downloaded from a https source.

Although when the download link is click (Let us use Code Geass R2 as an example) We get something like this: [https://www.shanaproject.com/download/100199/]

And that link redirects to the actual download link which is this: [http://media.shanaproject.com/torrents/2015/03/01/%5BHi10%5D%20Code%20Geass%20R2%20%5BBD%201080p%5D%20%5BDual%20Audio%5D.torrent]

Which is a http page. (Just as a side note, I've already confirmed the existence of a https download page)

Hopefully this will be fixed soon? Thanks (in advance) for your time and effort. I appreciate it a lot!

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