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Pieter van der Kooi created an issue

I have started using this site since yesterday and I am loving the idea. Makes automated downloading so much easier!

I do understand that you are currently working really hard on improving and developing this site and something I would like to see is a way to report broken torrents. Or an alternative would be a system that automatically detects broken torrents of course but that might be quite a challenge.

Reason for this is that I have one entry currently in my rss feed that can't be downloaded since it was removed from the torrent site in question.

The file in question is If you follow that link you would get the following message.

Torrent was deleted!

The torrent you're looking for was deleted from its original location because it was fake or invalid. You can use the search function to find the content you are looking for.

It would be nice if I had a way to give out a signal that something is wrong. That way it could possibly be removed and the system could find another link to put in everyone's feed. :)

Not sure how much effort this would take since I don't know how the site currently retreives torrent files or if there is any system in place as of yet to deal with this but I hope I managed to give some useful feedback for you to use.

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