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Shana Project repo owner created an issue

[original issue: Uriziel]

Last selected options should be assumed default (i.e. quality/profile/source/match). Can be easily achieved with js' local storage.

When title is provided only subbers that are actually working on a show should be available.

Synonymous titles should be merged into one (but all of them should be searchable!), possibly work for an editor.

Advanced feature: match given regexp?

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  1. Shana Project reporter

    I'm of the belief that most users should be using the "follow" button on existing shows (rather than making follows from scratch), but remembering last set options isn't a bad idea.

    Easy to implement in a cookie.

    "Search" based matches is something that I've considered and will continue to, but I don't think its a feature enough people would be overly interested in at this point (and full regex seems over the top).

    Synonymous titles should already be merged. If you find ones that aren't let us know (IRC, here, email) etc and we can fix them (it has to be done on a case by case basis). (The editor is me)

    I actually have a moderation panel for achieving this; but since the merge procedure is irreversible its slightly dangerous (if you accidentally merge two popular titles for example).

  2. Shana Project reporter

    [original comment: urusai]

    When you click on "Follow" on the "Season Shows" page, that's when you need a list of subbers. Otherwise you have to press back and click on the series title to get the list of episodes for that show.

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