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Michael Westen created an issue

Now every new release get posted on the front page.

I would like to see all new releases added to one line, that you can click on, and then folds open, just like with the + button that shows extra info.

How would it work.

So if episode 679 comes out of One Piece, a new line gets created.

You click on one of those buttons, and all releases of that quality get shown.

If a new release of that episode get out, its get added, and the line of that episode gets bumped up to the top again.

This would reduce the amount of the same information that you have to look true, by about 75% or so.

And yes i know people can use follows, but even if they do, it would still be a lot easier to see and find new or completed series.

I would have something like this in mind.


This would properly be a hell of a job to make, but it would look clean in think.

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