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Issue #77 resolved
Layton Whiteley created an issue

How can i sort the returned rss feed by pubDate?

If this is not available, i think this would be better than listing items in the feed ordered by anime.

pubDate should be the date the anime was actually published and not when the feed was requested. This is so it can be used to sort the anime

NB. this request is for user feeds. I see that this feature may be available for the site feed.

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  1. Layton Whiteley reporter

    hmm i just noticed the mark as read feature ... that removes torrents from the secure feed.

    However, I was using the '?show_all' query and they weren't ordered by the actual release date/publishedDate either. Would be nice to see the real date instead of a generated date

  2. Layton Whiteley reporter

    How does the feed know that i downloaded the torrent in the secure feed without going to the site and hit Mark as read.

    OR more specifically, how can i let it know without the use of a bittorrent client?

  3. Shana Project repo owner

    Any reason you're using the ?show_all argument? It was really only designed to work around a bug in uTorrent for mac (that stopped you from adding empty feeds).

    I'll see about adding an argument for using the release date rather than the date of it being added to your feed.

    Simply accessing the "secure" download url (basically the download url with your secure key passed as an argument) will mark the file as read (unless the server decides its pretty sure it never delivered you a file - usually because it can't actually find the file).

    What exactly are you trying to achieve?

  4. Layton Whiteley reporter

    I have a program that autodownloads tvshows for my raspberry pi (running linux) using rss feeds.

    I found your anime feed which is similar to the one i use for tv shows and would like to include this.

    Basically, it will download the torrent and deliver it to Transmission, a bittorrent client.

    Im interested in the mark as read because it will remove the effort of the app checking if i already retrieved the torrent. Torrents are auto-cleaned up after a certain time so i don't want something i already downloaded to still be in the feed after a given number of days.

    Simple but effective

    I was using the show_all just to test the features of the feed but didn't realize it was still in the url. so some of my assumptions were a bit off/misguided.

  5. Shana Project repo owner

    Add ?order=date to the end of your user or secure feed to sort by the release date instead of the time it was added to your feed.

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