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Otaku King created an issue

Hello. I'm using an add-on for KODI media server that parse torrents from RSS feeds and displays them. It is called RSS2KD and this is a screenshot:



As you can see there is everything you need: translated titles, episodes ratings, episodes summary, episode screenshots, etc. A bliss!

If you have KODI installed ( ), you can find and install the RSS2KD addon from this kodi repository:

(just download the file and use the option "install from zip" to add the repo to the default KODI repositories). You'll find RSS2KD under "Programs Add-ons" section. Just configure the Anime folder with a new empty folder, and add the RSS url. Then just add the folder to the video section, and assign the AniDB[mod] scraper to the folder. Note: you need the Pulsar addon already installed in Kodi to stream the torrents. You can find it here:

And here you can find the AniDB tv shows scraper:

Shanaproject is awesome for working with RSS2KD, but there is one big limitation: the number of rss entries of Shanaproject is limited to 50.

Even if I try to force the number of entries with the parameter "count", using this url:

It still shows only 50 entries in the RSS feed.

Only in the private feed I can use the "count" parameter. But I want to browse ALL the anime torrents of all seasons ever tracked by Shanaproject inside KODI media center from my couch, and select the one I like from the RSS2KD generated thumbnails series/episodes menu. I don't need the personal feed (unless there is an option to automaticall add ALL the releases to my feed).

Please add an option or a parameter to the main site RSS feed to get ALL entries in the database. In this way programs that downloads the torrents from the RSS feeds can browse the entire Shanaproject collection, including all alternatives fansub groups releases available. Something like:


would work fine to get all the torrents listed, better if sorted by date of release like that:

Please add this feature to your awesome site! Thank you!

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