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[original issue: Tsume]

Ability to apply one or multiple settings to a group of follows. For example "set selected follows to Quality: 720p, Subber: gg" in a single action.


It would be pretty useful if you could add a feature that allows people to edit the settings of everything in their Follows List at once, as opposed to one by one.

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  1. Shana Project reporter

    Taiga: I'll have a think about the best way to implement this... though its probably fairly low priority (do a lot of people do this often?)

    Tsume: Depends on how many people use the RSS feature. I find it such a hassle to go through 30-40+ settings one by one when I'd like to change something. Very time consuming. I would assume anyone who uses it has the same problem.

    Taiga: Are you changing a single setting across all your follows to a new value? Or updating 30 different follows with completely different settings? I have probably the most follows out of anyone; but I rarely ever use "edit" (I added it because other people needed it ;) So if you let me know the sort of use-case maybe I can figure out a good way to make it easier.

    Tsume: Mostly a single setting like quality or fansubber

    Taiga: I've updated the description - does that reflect the sort of thing you had in mind? Would it be helpful?

    (btw, thx for the feedback =) )

    Tsume: Perfect :)

    Taiga: Just to follow up - I'll have a think about doing this; but I'm a little worried about performance. Basically creating (this includes edit) a new follow requires a quite complicated and resource heavy SQL query (unless someone else already has setup that follow).

    No promises at this point, but I might roll it in and see how it goes...

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