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It should be (relatively) easy to add this, but I'd like it if there were a feature (like the opacity reduced) on shows that I'm already following in the season show overview list.

Right now, at the beginning of a season, most shows aren't up to date on the site yet (missing info, no releases/subs yet and such), so even though I can follow a few, I'll have to check back after a few days to see if new ones are available.

As you can probably imagine, what this (right now) forces me to do, is open a second window with my 'currently following' shows (of the current season), and compare whether the title matches with one in that list or not.

Since this is kind of a pain, and the info is already known/stored on the site anyway, can't you guys put up some kind of marker to identify a show as 'already following'?

Attached is a simple example at 0.4 opacity on an 'already following' show. Of course, this is just the first thing that came to mind. There might be better solutions out there.

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