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Issue #87 resolved
Stephen created an issue

I've had an issue for a while now that has been bugging me. Sometimes I like to set up a follow with deliberately vague parameters. For example I won't put in a subbers group just to see who comes out with the title I'm interested in. Or I'll setup a title with a BD requirement because I don't want to miss the BD version.

Often (possibly all the time) when the desired title is released the item shows up in the new follows list and stays there. To collect it I must click send to RSS. If I do not do that then no amount of "fetch feed" and .* regex patterns will be able to find the title from Deluge.

For the record I am using Deluge version 1.3.12 with the YaRSS plugin version 1.4.3.

For completeness sake; when the title does show up my approach is to edit the follow, add the additional parameters I wish to include (such as the subber group who got there first or whatever) and then save the follow making sure to set it to include all matched titles, as opposed to only new ones.

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  1. Stephen reporter

    Just some additional information; I'm currently running a follow for Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST by AnimeRG. In my follows in the dl/rel column it shows 0/0. Though when I click on the search (magnifying glass icon) it includes the current torrent in the list.

    So it appears as though it's fully aware of the fact that there is a torrent that matches my search criteria; which may explain why it did show up in my follows list. No idea why it didn't get sent to my RSS list though and I thought that the dl/rel information might be related to that.

  2. Shana Project repo owner

    There is an option in your settings: Show packs in your RSS feeds (This option does not effect files sent to your feed using "Send to RSS"). This will show packs (or volumes and PV's) in your RSS feeds. A pack generally contains range of episodes in a single torrent.

    By default this is disabled; which means volume packs (so generally BD releases) will not automatically get downloaded.

    That should only happen for files that clearly span multiple episodes or that don't have a file extension (so a folder of files). So it shouldn't really be causing (most) of the problem you're describing. Maybe next time it happens, rather than clicking "send to RSS", send me an email ( with your public rss feed link and I'll figure out whats going on.

  3. Stephen reporter

    I'll enable that option. I don't think I really paid much attention to it after reading the part about PV's.

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