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Issue #9 new
Shana Project repo owner created an issue

Add an "ignore releases that are version 0" option. These files are often poor quality, or contain known issues.

Could implement on the follow level or as a global option... thoughts?


Doesn't happen very often - but still occasional...

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  1. dgw


    Indeed, it's not a common occurrence, but every so often a v0 makes its way into my feed and mucks things up a bit.

    Possible workaround for ĀµTorrent users (untested): Will setting "v0" in the "Not:" field of the RSS downloader dialog block v0 releases from being downloaded automatically?

  2. Shana Project reporter

    I've noticed this happening a few times this season. It shouldn't "muck things up" per say since you should still get the non-v0 when it is released... but it is irritating... let me know if that uTorrent workaround works?

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