Properly display if password change (in settings) fails validation

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Issue #92 new
Anthony Leung created an issue

When changing other details, of one of the password fields is populated then the page may not save but won't show any errors.

Original: Can't change default folder format

When I try to change the folder format under the settings page and click Apply Settings, it will refresh the page back to the default settings of "{year} {season}/{title}"

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  1. Anthony Leung reporter

    Chrome Build 49.0.2623.110 m (64-bit).

    I have narrowed it down to an extension causing this issue - it looks like this should have been the first thing I check, silly me.

    ChromeIPass extension for KeePass is causing this due to the way it is detecting the password fields.

  2. Shana Project repo owner

    What's it actually doing that causes the problem? It's just a standard HTML form, so even if its doing something funny with the password fields, the season data should still work...

    Anything I can do to assist?

  3. Anthony Leung reporter

    I have no idea what the extension is doing.

    I've had a look at the network tab under dev tools. It seems to be posting the correct form data when I do change what's in the field, however, I'm getting a response that contains the "old" form data from before my field changes.

    This issue seems to be the same for any input tied to the submit button - text and checkboxes.

  4. Shana Project repo owner

    If you go to the network tab, and make sure to click "Preserve log", the POST should look like:


    The response should be a 302 FOUND. If that is working then it WILL be getting saved and updated... is it possible that extension is re-filling that field with old data (even tho its saving?)

  5. Anthony Leung reporter

    Ah, figured why this is happening now.

    The extension is auto-filling the "new password" field without filling in the "confirm new password" field, resulting in it not sending a GET request because nothing is being saved. Removing the auto-filled password the extension generates and then submitting the form will correctly return 302 FOUND response.

    A very large oversight from me to not notice that...

    Well I guess this issue is just simply user error and can be closed now.

    Maybe a suggestion of having the 2 password fields to have input checks along with error messages at the top where "your changes have been saved" normally is - as a future feature?

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