List follows showing DL'd/Rel'd 7/7 yet rss feed only downloaded episode 7 and not 1-6

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Issue #97 resolved
Dev Rus created an issue

Sorry if this has already been covered. I looked through and tried to find out if it had been or there was a solution mentioned but found notihng. Bare with me to get an Idea of this issue. I basically was late coming to the party for winter 2016 and spring 2016. I went through and added a bunch of the shows I wanted to my follows to catch back up. To give an example of this issue, Flying Witch has 7 episodes out. My Follows page if i click on list follows has it marked as 7/7 for DL'd.Rel'd. Yet my rss feed only actually downloaded episode 7. When i go to Flying Witch's page it shows only episode 7 as grey'd out with a yellow send to rss button next to the download button. For episodes 1-6 they are not greyed out but they do not have the yellow send to rss button, only the green download button. This generally wouldn't even be an issue to me except, I've got a back log on my rss feed under new releases of 630-650 different episodes, none of them with a send to rss feed button. Is there anyway to reset what it shows as downloaded so i can get the send to rss feed button back on the torrents needed? I love the site and everything about the plugin makes it so easy to just have stuff moved automatically to the correct/proper folder.

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  1. Dev Rus reporter

    upon looking into the YaRSS2 plugin in deluge, it's showing these episodes aren't being added due to old timestamp

  2. Dev Rus reporter

    Apparently Just reseting the last time stamp under the subscriptions tab of YaRSS2 let it reset properly to download the next batch of 50.

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