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merge for bitbucket repo
Prototype userspace atomic commit and log flush with unit test
OGAWA Hirofumi
Implement the list for dirty inodes
OGAWA Hirofumi
Separate deleteing inode from tuxunlink()
OGAWA Hirofumi
Update timestamp on write
OGAWA Hirofumi
Consolidate truncate in userland
OGAWA Hirofumi
Consolidate unlink in userland
merged bitbucket repo
Removing name_len = 0 from dir.c was dumb, put it back
OGAWA Hirofumi
Remove unnecessary itable initialization
OGAWA Hirofumi
Rename log_alloc()
OGAWA Hirofumi
Separate map handling and dleaf handling
OGAWA Hirofumi
Move errio() to buffer.c
OGAWA Hirofumi
OGAWA Hirofumi
Make static btree_leaf_split()
OGAWA Hirofumi
Use ERR_PTR for tree_expand()
OGAWA Hirofumi
Remove shadow `err'
OGAWA Hirofumi
Update draw_cursor/draw_advance in tux3graph
"tux3 write" does not need to check type of fd on stdin
Don't use "warn" where we mean "trace_on"
Fix leak in test_commit
Clear new directory blocks to be tidy and make Valgrind happy
Change makefile symbols from <name>test to test_<name>
Remove btree parameter from btree_leaf_split.
Remove btree parameter from btree probe.
Remove btree parameter from btree advance
Fix unused var warning with trace_off, add missing error check to make_tux3
Fix kernel build header breakage
Set up atomic commit unit test for user/commit.c
disksuper.aroot is not used, take it out of disksuper and tux3graph
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