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Shrikant Sharat Kandula  committed f709994

Added "force clone" option to force cloning instead of pulling

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 And this will cause the pathogen plugin to be cloned to `bundle/super-plugin` instead of
+If, for some reason, you don't want to pull/fetch, but clone every time instead, you can
+add `force clone` to the end of the bundle line. This is useful, if you are messing up
+the plugin's directory using the commands in `Run` directives, described below.
 And of course, you can have a line with both the `with` and the `to` options, along with
 any other that might be added in the future ;).

File vimpire.py

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             dest_dir = dest_dir[:-(1 + len(vcs))]
         self.dest_dir = dest_dir
+        # Check if requesting force clone
+        self.force_clone = ' force clone' in arg
+        if self.force_clone:
+            sh.rmtree(self.dest_dir)
+        # Detect if any subdirectory contains the vim plugin
+        subdir_match = re.search(r'only\s+"(.+?)"', arg)
+        self.subdir = subdir_match.group(1) if subdir_match else None
         if vcs is not None:
             print ('!' if self.is_bang else '-') * 20, self.dest_dir
             getattr(self, '_vcs_' + vcs)()
     def _vcs_hg(self):
         self.cmds.insert(0, 'hg ' + ('pull' if os.path.exists(self.dest_dir) else 'clone ' + self.url))
+        #self.cmds += ['mv "' + self.subdir + '" /tmp/_vimpire_tmp', 'rm ]
     def _vcs_git(self):