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Alpha baby! It will drink your blood. In case it doesn't, you should drink your own blood!

This is a script that manages plugins hosted on git or hg and make them available
to pathogen, so it make your vim ever the more awesome!

First off, create a `bundles.vim` file in your dotvim directory and put lines like
the following:

	" Bundle: git://

Note: You'll anyway need the above line at least, you of course need pathogen, silly.

Add any number such bundle lines with various plugins. Vimpire will try to guess the
vcs from git or hg, and is correct most of the time, but if you want to specify it
yourself, do so as

	" Bundle: my-strange-url-from-which-no-one-can-tell-the-vcs with git

There, that `with git` in the end is what tells Vimpire what vcs to use. Neat eh?

Navigate to your vimfiles or dotvim directory and do

	$ wget
	$ python

You may also include a `Run` directive below the `Bundle` directive to run a command
after getting/updating the corresponding bundle. Note that this command will be run
with the plugin's directory as the pwd. For example

    " Bundle: git://
    " Run: ls -lh

Deleting plugins is still experimental, but adding new ones and updating (pull) ing
them works just fine.

Report any issues whatsoever :)