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Welcome to the Open Charging Network Wiki

The Open Charging Network (OCN) is an open, decentralized network for the implementation of a variety of digital eMobility services. Developers of Backend Providers, Charge Point Operators, eMobility Service Providers and more can build solutions on top of the OCN. It is based on open-source technology and widely accepted industry standards.
The OCN is a community project and the non-profit Share&Charge Foundation is curating the development to enable the highest level of interoperability and transparency. Contributions are always welcome in the form of comments, pull requests and raised issues. Questions may also be asked on Stack Overflow using the tag ShareAndCharge.


To familiarize yourself with the OCN and all its components, you can have a read about the terminology here: Open Charging Network Glossary


eRoaming The first application that is supported by the OCN is technical interoperability between Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs) based on the OCPI 2.2 protocol, also known as eRoaming (More information about this concept can be found here).
Businesses can utilize eRoaming over the OCN by connecting a Charge Station Management System or an eMSP Backend to any OCN Client using their OCPI 2.2 API (Link to Repository) and registering the business behind at the open OCN Registry (Link to Repository).
Starting from end of July 2019, a testing period will be run to aid and inform development. You can learn more about this Open Testing period and how you can join here: Welcome to the Open Charging Network
Please note that this software is in alpha.

Instant settlement and micro-transactions Many use-cases of Electric Vehicle charging require a simple and efficient payment method for charging sessions – including the possibility for micro-transactions and instant payments. The Open Charging Network allows for an optional settlement of charging session with any cryptocurrency with a settlement smart contract (Link to Repository). More information can also be found here: Stable Coins for EV Charging

Other Use-Cases Additional use-cases are planned to be developed such as smart charging.