Test case demonstrating incorrect reading of tellurium config file for
multi-module maven projects.

All config files are intentionally invalid, this means that if a test fails it
successfully read the configured test config file. If the test succeeds then
that means tellurium did not read in the config file and fell back to default

First run from the top level directory;
  $ mvn clean test
this will run the tests of all modules in one execution. Then try the same
command from the child module e.g.;
  $ cd child-without-config && mvn clean test
and compare the different behaviour, paying close attention to where Tellurium
reports it is reading the config file from.

Is an example where, when test is run from both the parent and child modules
the expected config file is not read in.

The interesting thing to note here is that when run from the parent module the
error message in the mvn log indicates that it tried to load the file from the
child module even though it only exists in the parent.

Is an example where, when the test is run from the child module it reads the
intended config file but does not when run from the parent module.

This is the only test I would expect to read in the file correctly in both

Is an example where the correct config file is read both when you run the test
from the parent module and the child module.

The interesting thing to note here is that the only difference from
child-with-config is the existance of an empty file with the correct name in the
parent project.