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Postcodes of Bangladesh

Instantly search postcodes with AngularJS and JSON.

Postcodes of Bangladesh. Lightweight postcode finding application to search postcodes in Bangladesh. This application developed with angularJS and Database designed with JSON formatted. This application works 10x faster than basic postcode search application which was provided by Bangladesh Post Office.

Detailed features of this project:

  • Very much lightweight
  • Instant search postcodes without any reloads
  • Built with AngularJS
  • Mobile and Tab responsive with Zurb Foundation 6
  • Database designed with JSON to load 10x faster
  • Mirrored server for access worldwide
  • Can be searched with Division, District, Thana, Post Office or Post Code wise
  • Very much user friendly design
  • Project hosted with GitHub CDN
  • Better than Bangladesh Post Office's postcode finder




File directories

Files needs to copied into your project:

  • index.html or it's contents
  • css folder with it's .css file
  • json folder with it's .json file

That's it!

© 2009-2017 Akhaura Info Foundation




Core Concept: Akram Hasan Sharkar


Design and Programming: Sazzad Hossain Sharkar



Thank you for considering contributing to the project. To contribute, please fork the project and make a pull request after the changes. Or contact with us for assistance.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within this project, please send an e-mail to Sazzad Hossain Sharkar at All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


This program is licensed under MIT License.