Thomas Waldmann committed 678c1bd

user lowercase email.* module names (as all recent python stdlibs have)

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-from email.Charset import Charset, QP
-from email.Header import Header
+from email.charset import Charset, QP
+from email.header import Header
 from MoinMoin.mail import sendmail
 from MoinMoin.constants.contenttypes import CHARSET


 import os
 import re
-from email.Header import Header
+from email.header import Header
 from MoinMoin import log
 logging = log.getLogger(__name__)
     import smtplib
     import socket
-    from email.Message import Message
-    from email.Charset import Charset, QP
-    from email.Utils import formatdate, make_msgid
+    from email.message import Message
+    from email.charset import Charset, QP
+    from email.utils import formatdate, make_msgid
     cfg = app.cfg
     if not cfg.mail_enabled:
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