Kirill Simonov committed 2b94942 added Export to XML/TSV.

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             <li><button id="export-html">Export to HTML</button></li>
             <li><button id="export-json">Export to JSON</button></li>
+            <li><button id="export-xml">Export to XML</button></li>
             <li><button id="export-csv">Export to CSV</button></li>
+            <li><button id="export-tsv">Export to TSV</button></li>
             <li><button id="show-sql">Show SQL</button></li>


     $('#export-html').click(function() { return clickExport('html'); });
     $('#export-json').click(function() { return clickExport('json'); });
+    $('#export-xml').click(function() { return clickExport('xml'); });
     $('#export-csv').click(function() { return clickExport('csv'); });
+    $('#export-tsv').click(function() { return clickExport('tsv'); });
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