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 | `/:raw`       | JSON-serialized generic output        |
-| `/:obj`       | JSON-serialized object output         |
+| `/:json`      | JSON-serialized object output         |
 | `/:xml`       | XML-serialized object output          |
 Object Output
-The ``/:xml`` and ``/:obj`` formatters produce a customary "object"
+The ``/:xml`` and ``/:json`` formatters produce a customary "object"
 structure which lack any header information.  These object formats are
 perfect for post-processing tools that already know about the query
 output structure, such as a Javascript program or XSLT stylesheet.
-.. htsql:: /department{school,*}.limit(3)/:obj
+.. htsql:: /department{school,*}.limit(3)/:json
 .. htsql:: /department{school,*}.limit(3)/:xml
 .. htsql:: /department{school,*}.limit(3)/:raw
-This format is used by our visual ``shell`` query tool and also for
-producing output via our Sphinx plugin.
 Query Debug