htsql / doc / dia / sample-instance-1.tex




    > = stealth', shorten > = 1pt, shorten < = 1pt,
    node distance = 1.5cm,
    unit node/.style = {fill=black!10, star, star points=8, minimum size=3cm},
    domain node/.style = {fill=black!10, rectangle, minimum size=3cm},
    class node/.style = {fill=black!10, circle, minimum size=3cm},
    node content/.style = {matrix, nodes={font=\ttfamily\footnotesize,
                                          inner sep=.5pt,
                                          text depth=.25ex, text height=1.5ex}},
    node header/.style = {font=\itshape}


\node[unit node] (unit) {};
\node[domain node] (integer) [right=of unit] {};
\node[class node] (school) [right=of integer] {};

\node[node header] at (unit.north) [above]
\node[node header] at (integer.north) [above]
\node[node header] at (school.north) [above]

\node[node content] at (unit)
    \node[text height=2ex] {\large{@}}; \\

\node[node content] at (integer)
    \node[text height=2.5ex] {\vdots}; \\
    \node {-1}; \\
    \node {0}; \\
    \node {1}; \\
    \node[text height=2.5ex] {\vdots}; \\

\node[node content] at (school)
    \node[text height=2.5ex] {\vdots}; \\
    \node {{[eng]}}; \\
    \node {{[ns]}}; \\
    \node {{[sc]}}; \\
    \node[text height=2.5ex] {\vdots}; \\


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