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move cssToBin to between processResources and classes

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             project.fileTree(dir: convention.getPlugin(JavaPluginConvention).sourceSets.main.output.resourcesDir, include: '**/*.css')
+        project.tasks.getByName("classes").dependsOn(task)
+        task.dependsOn(project.tasks.getByName("processResources"))
     private configureJavaFXJarTask(Project project) {
             Configuration providedCompile = project.configurations[PROVIDED_COMPILE_CONFIGURATION_NAME];
             FileCollection output = compileClasspath - providedCompile;
-        task.dependsOn(project.tasks.getByName("cssToBin"))
     private configureGenerateDebugKeyTask(Project project) {
         task.conventionMapping.antJavaFXJar = {convention, aware -> convention.getPlugin(JavaFXPluginConvention).antJavaFXJar }
-        ['alias', 'keypass', 'storepass', 'storetype'].each { prop ->
+        ['alias', 'keypass', 'storepass', 'keystore'].each { prop ->
             task.conventionMapping[prop]  = {convention, aware ->
                 def jfxc = convention.getPlugin(JavaFXPluginConvention);
                 def props =
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