shemnon committed a54f3fc

fix some conventional problems with the field names

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 package org.bitbucket.shemnon.javafxplugin.tasks
     // deploy/info attributes
     String category
     String copyright
-    String description
+    String deployDescription
     String licenseType
     String vendor
     List<IconInfo> iconInfos = []
         //boolean isSwingApp;
         //boolean includeDT;
         //java.lang.String placeholder;
-        //java.lang.String appId;
         //java.util.List<> callbacks;
         //java.util.List<> templates;
         //java.lang.String jrePlatform;
         deployParams.verbose = getVerbose()
- = getAppID()
+        deployParams.appId = getAppID()
         deployParams.appName = getAppName() // FIXME duplicate with title
         deployParams.applicationClass = getMainClass()
         deployParams.title = getAppName()
         deployParams.category = getCategory()
         deployParams.copyright = getCopyright()
-        deployParams.description = getDescription()
+        deployParams.description = getDeployDescription()
         deployParams.licenseType = getLicenseType()
         deployParams.vendor = getVendor()
     protected void processIcons(File destination) {
-        if (iconInfos.isEmpty()) {
+        if (getIconInfos().isEmpty()) {
             // if nothing is configured, use the convention
     protected void processWindowsIco(String kind, File destination) {
         Map<Integer, BufferedImage> images = new TreeMap<Integer, BufferedImage>()
-        for (IconInfo ii : iconInfos) {
+        for (IconInfo ii : getIconInfos()) {
             if (kind == ii.kind) {
                 BufferedImage icon = getImage(ii)
                 if (icon == null) {
     protected void processLinuxIcons(File destination) {
-        IconInfo largestIcon
+        IconInfo largestIcon = null
         for (IconInfo ii : getIconInfos()) {
             if ('shortcut' == ii.kind) {
                 BufferedImage icon = getImage(ii)
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