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depend on the correct jar for jfxJar

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         def task = project.tasks.replace("jfxJar", JavaFXJarTask)
         task.description = "Adds JavaFX specific packaging to the jar." = 'Build'
-        task.dependsOn = ['jar']
         project.afterEvaluate {
             project.configurations.archives.artifacts*.builtBy task
+            task.dependsOn = [sourceSet(project).jarTaskName]
         task.conventionMapping.mainClass = mainClassConvention
         task.conventionMapping.jarFile = {convention, aware ->
-            project.tasks.getByName("jar").archivePath
+            project.tasks.getByName(sourceSet(project).jarTaskName).archivePath
         task.conventionMapping.classpath = {convention, aware ->
             FileCollection compileClasspath = sourceSet(project).compileClasspath;
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