javafx-gradle / gradle-javafx-plugin / src / main / groovy / org / bitbucket / shemnon / javafxplugin / JavaFXPlugin.groovy

Diff from to


 package org.bitbucket.shemnon.javafxplugin
 import org.gradle.api.GradleException
+import org.gradle.api.JavaVersion
 import org.gradle.api.Project
 import org.gradle.api.Plugin
 import org.bitbucket.shemnon.javafxplugin.tasks.JavaFXDeployTask
                 ivy  { url '' }
             project.dependencies {
-                scenicview 'com.fxexperience.scenicview:scenicview:1.3.0'
+                if (JavaVersion.current().java8Compatible) {
+                    scenicview 'com.fxexperience.scenicview:scenicview:8.0-dp1'
+                } else {
+                    scenicview 'com.fxexperience.scenicview:scenicview:1.3.0'
+                }
             project.tasks.findAll { == 'Execution' && it instanceof JavaExec}.each {JavaExec execTask ->
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