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Issue #14 resolved
porst17 created an issue

It seems that this is already prepared in JavaFXJarTask.groovy but still commented out:

// not provided, fix later

It would be very usefull to have this feature in order to allow for things like adding splash screens in an easy way (via the manifest attribute SplashScreen-Image). This would be helpful since large javafx programs need quite some time to start.

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  1. Danno Ferrin repo owner

    Sorry to be a bit late on this one.

    I use the existing jar task, and the jfxJar is only used for some javafx special tasks.

    To add manifest attributes, add them to the jar task

    jar {
        manifest {
            attributes('-x-bogus': 'a bogus attribute',
                       '-x-bogus-2': 'a second bogus attribute')

    Note, this is in the 0.4.0 plugin, in 0.3.0 I had to work around a 7u6 bug that didn't let you modify a JavaFX jar in place. This is fixed in 7u40 (maybe earlier, but I didn't check). Also, the 0.3.0 plugin works like that on java 8 today.

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