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If I specify a main class in the build.gradle javafx section, the programs generated by the jfxDeploy task can not be executed. They fail with the message "Unable to find class ...".

I created a minimal example showing the problems. They occur in the 0.4.0 and 0.5.0 snapshots of the javafx-gradle plugin. It worked in 0.3.0.


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  1. porst17

    This comment is just to associate the issue with my profile. I forgot to login when I posted the request.

  2. Danno Ferrin repo owner

    Which platform? Which JVM version? OSX Mavericks 8.0-eaworked fine on the first try.

    Also, could you create a gist of "gradle jfxDeploy --debug"?

  3. Danno Ferrin repo owner

    Also, try using a more recent version of gradle if possible. Your wrapper is pointing to 1.3, and the current version is 1.8. But even that didn't break it for me, I don't think I have your particular combination under test.

  4. porst17

    I am using gradle 1.3 and Oracle JVM 1.7.0_21 on MacOS X 10.8.4. I also tested it with gradle 1.8 today. It gives the same (broken) result. After the "jar" task, javafx-gradle-bug.jar contains Bug.class. After the "jfxJar" task, javafx-gradle-bug.jar contains a file called javafx-gradle-bug.jar again, but no class files at all. This seems to be the reason, why "./gradlew run" runs successfully, but "./gradlew jfxDeploy" produces an unusable result.

  5. porst17

    I updated my JVM to 1.7.0_45. It works as you said, i.e. newer versions of the javafx gradle plugin (> 0.3.0) seem to have issues with older version of the JVM (=1.7.0_21).

  6. Danno Ferrin repo owner

    Yes, There was a bug in the jfxpackager that was fixed in 7u40 that I had to do a horrible workaround. I removed that workaround in the 0.4.0 release.

    In 0.5.0 I will add JDK version checks and warn the users about using older versions to remove this confusion.

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