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Many application are actually several applications at once, i.e. the installer created by jfxDeploy contains several main classes. Currently, I don't see the possibility to create menu shortcuts to launch the different main classes.

It would be great to see this working (especially for my own project). A workaround would suffice for the moment, but I have no clue how to achieve this.

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  1. Danno Ferrin repo owner

    It looks to me this isn't directly supported by javafxpackackager. A JIRA to support this could be posted on the javafx jira -

    In the mean time, the WIX or inno setup files could be tweaked to create multiple shortcuts. And the tweaked files can be loaded from one of the build/deploy/package/ directories.

    What install package do you prefer, .exe wizard or .MSI? I've never done it before but it would be useful as a cookbook example.

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