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porst17 created an issue

Many application are actually several applications at once, i.e. the installer created by jfxDeploy contains several main classes. Currently, I don't see the possibility to create menu shortcuts to launch the different main classes.

It would be great to see this working (especially for my own project). A workaround would suffice for the moment, but I have no clue how to achieve this.

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  1. Danno Ferrin repo owner

    It looks to me this isn't directly supported by javafxpackackager. A JIRA to support this could be posted on the javafx jira -

    In the mean time, the WIX or inno setup files could be tweaked to create multiple shortcuts. And the tweaked files can be loaded from one of the build/deploy/package/ directories.

    What install package do you prefer, .exe wizard or .MSI? I've never done it before but it would be useful as a cookbook example.

  2. porst17 reporter

    Seems like this feature has been added to Java 8u40! Hope this arrieves soon in the gradle JavaFX plugin!

  3. porst17 reporter

    Now that 8u40 is officially out, do you plan to add this feature to the javafx plugin soon?

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