Failing with :cssToBin

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Ran dom created an issue

When I run your plugin, it fails with

Execution failed for task ':cssToBin'.

However, If I open netbeans and hit run ( It calls gradle run) it works fine.

Any idea what could cause this?

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  1. Peter Garceau

    I ran into this issue too, and it appears that gradle isn't pulling in the ant-javax.jar dependency correctly. When I pull it in manually with the following line, I no longer get the error.

    classpath files("${['java.home']}/../lib/ant-javafx.jar")
  2. Werner Kapferer

    I have the same issue.

    But the classpath-line (I thinkg, it should be under dependencies in javafx.plugin?) didn't work for me..

  3. Werner Kapferer

    the problem is solved now. openJDK was used instead of oracles JDK.. pretty dumb mistake ;)

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