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Issue #30 resolved
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While adding custom manifest attributes is supported now, I'm running up against an issue where the class-path generated by the plugin is not what I need (because I move/rename some stuff before distributing).

In other words : jar { manifest { attributes( 'JavaFX-Class-Path': "../lib/abc.jar ../lib/def.jar", ) } }

doesn't do anything, the value of JavaFX-Class-Path is what the plugin wants it to be.

Thx Philip

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  1. Danno Ferrin repo owner

    This isn't a bug to the gradle plugin since it doesn't remove the manifests and merely pushes them down into the fxjar task, which does the re-writing. So this is a bug to the core java packager code (bugs go here: https://javafx-jira.kenai.com).

    That being said, the javafx-class-path attribute has been deprecated in Java 8, and no work is being done on the Java 7 packager (unless you are paying for Oracle support on JDK 7 and open a support ticket). So a bug to fix that part of the javafxpackager jar task won't get too far past the PM gatekeepers.

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