gradle install fails with jdk1.7.0_60.

Issue #37 resolved
Naimdjon Takhirov
created an issue

The error is:

A problem occurred evaluating project ':gradle-javafx-plugin'.
> Must Build with Java 1.8

But in the project description it says it is jdk7 compatible.

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  1. William Daniels

    This is only a bug in the documentation for the project, the latest builds are only compatible with the latest java jdk 8 build. (I'm pretty sure namely version 8u20)

    The commit that changed it can be seen here:

    to build a version that doesn't have this particular requirement, you can simply use a different snapshot by using the below tidbit in your build.gradle (or include it as a separate file, which is what I do):

     * Bootstrap script for the Gradle JavaFX Plugin.
     * (based on
     * The script will add the latest version of the plugin to the build script
     * dependencies and apply the plugin to the project. If you do not want
     * this behavior you can copy and paste the below configuration into your
     * own build script and define your own repository and version for the plugin.
    buildscript {
        repositories {
            maven {
                name = 'BinTray'
                url = ''
            maven {
                name = 'CloudBees Snapshot'
                url = ''
            ivy {
                url = ''
        dependencies {
            classpath 'org.bitbucket.shemnon.javafxplugin:gradle-javafx-plugin:0.5.0-SNAPSHOT'
            classpath project.files("${['java.home']}/../lib/ant-javafx.jar")
            classpath project.files("${['java.home']}/lib/jfxrt.jar")
    if (!project.plugins.findPlugin(org.bitbucket.shemnon.javafxplugin.JavaFXPlugin)) {
        project.apply(plugin: org.bitbucket.shemnon.javafxplugin.JavaFXPlugin)

    That snapshot version has all of the features of the plugin I've needed so far, and still allows you to use 1.7. Enjoy!

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