8.1.1 is not creating a jnlp/html deployable

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Issue #41 new
seantrue created an issue

A build script that ran on version 0.4.0 and built both the jnlp/html deployable as well as the .msi and .exe installers no longer produces the web version. I've tried explicitly setting packaging to 'none' and to 'all'. The first gets NO deployables, the second gets the executable.

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  1. Danno Ferrin repo owner

    Yes, it is broken. This is a side effect of the new bundler API work. It will take a bit of hacking to fix.

  2. seantrue reporter

    I'd be willing to look at taking this on. But it would be nice to have a word about the right direction, and about debugging this plugin. I live in Intellij 13.1.4 and have zero current capability to debug gradle scripts or plugins :-( Telling me to use netbeans/eclipse is entirely appropriate if I can actually make progress when I do ...

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