Windows executables fail with "missing msvcp100.dll" error

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Issue #43 resolved
Chris Beams created an issue

Hi Danno,

Per your comments at RT-38111, I know you're already familiar with this issue. I've been talking with Mike Hearn and generally trying to follow the advice offered in his workaround.

Unfortunately, I don't have direct access to the .iss file created and managed by the JavaFX Gradle plugin. I see that it exists in a temp directory while the plugin tasks are executing, but it is cleaned up afterward, and so far as I can tell, the plugin doesn't provide any facilities for adding entries to its [Files] section as Mike suggests.

Note that I have downloaded msvcp100.dll and put it in place in the jre/bin and jre/bin/plugin2 directories, and the dll does get copied into the build/distributions/AppName/runtime/jre/bin directory. However, it appears that these files must be explicitly configured for inclusion in the .iss file, as I still get the "missing MSVCP100.dll" error when installing and running the app from the .msi.

Does something already exist in the plugin that can help me work around this issue? If not, can some kind of provision be added to do so? A property that allows the user to point to their own custom .iss file would be a sufficient escape hatch for the time being.

Until then, it seems that Windows executables generated by the plugin are pretty unusable.

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  1. Chris Beams reporter

    Hi Danno. I am aware that this is fixed in 8u40. As for the workaround linked to above, my understanding that it is the end user that must install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. That's a pretty significant barrier.

    What do you think about providing first-class support for custom .iss files in the Gradle JavaFX plugin? This would at least provide folks a way to work around this issue without abandoning the plugin altogether.


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