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Alan White created an issue

Background: I have a java desktop app, used on both windows and mac os x. I've cut build and packaging over to javafx-gradle as it simplifies the cross-platform build for me and cuts out a lot of complexity. Important as a sole developer.

Issue: the jfxDeploy task on Windows tries to gather all the valid (ie non@2x) PNGs and create a multi-layer ico file. This fails if the file size results in being greater than 100k causing the Inno Setup to fail (switch on --debug on gradlew jfxDeploy to see this). If I remove the regular 512x512 required for mac os (but used rarely) then the build works. This results in having to compromise on the mac iconset to allow the build on Windows.

Enhancement request: make the icons statement scoped under the profiles statement in the javafx section of the build.gradle, meaning we could specify specific icons for one platform, and allow the convention to remain for the others.

Of course I'm looking at this from a 'preserve the mac' point of view, there could be other solutions!

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