shemnon committed 1dfceaf

RT-30869 - Pen Events are not syntehsized from other events in JavaFX, only synthesize actual touch events.

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 namespace {
-bool IsPenEvent()
+bool IsTouchEvent()
     enum {
-        SIGNATURE = 0xFF515700,
-        MASK = 0xFFFFFF00
+        SIGNATURE = 0xFF515780,
+        MASK = 0xFFFFFF80
     const LPARAM v = GetMessageExtraInfo();
     jint jModifiers = GetModifiers();
-    const jboolean isSynthesized = jboolean(IsPenEvent());
+    const jboolean isSynthesized = jboolean(IsTouchEvent());
     JNIEnv *env = GetEnv();
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