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cpstub - CherryPy Stub

This package provides you with a simple script to create a basic runable template for a CherryPy project using Mako and Routes.

To create a new project type

cpstub_create <project name>

This will create a new folder <project name> which contains a basic runable CherryPy project.

Then install the freshly created project, e.g.

cd <project name> python develop

And start the webserver, e.g.

python -c 'from <project name>.web.control import root;'

The CP server should come up on

Visit in the browser of your choice

Recent activity

Sven Hendriks

Commits by Sven Hendriks were pushed to shendriks/cpstub

aff0c16 - Commented static dirs for js and images out in CP config for now as they do not exist after installation
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