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Sven Hendriks avatarSven Hendriks
Added tag 0.1.0a for changeset 532b1bd204a2
Default avatar shendriks
fixed bug in function shorten(); disabled logging everywhere for now; disbabled debug print statements in db backend
Default avatar shendriks
better handling of filenames with unknown encoding; shortening long filenames
Default avatar shendriks
added fake expand/collapse methods to abstract Entry class
Default avatar shendriks
using filename as artist tag when mp3/ogg header of a file is erroneous
Default avatar shendriks
added scripts for building and updating the music database
Default avatar shendriks
disabled rpc server logging in ui for now
Default avatar shendriks
moved database file and config relevant to user to ~/.pythaules
Default avatar shendriks
initial import
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