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         	<h1>Ethan Sherbondy</h1>
-        	<h3>Student, Burgeoning Web Designer &amp; Programmer</h3>
+        	<h3>Student, Web Designer &amp; Programmer</h3>
  				at the <a href="">Information Ecology</a> group.
+    	        <em>Summer 2010 through Winter 2011</em>: Co-created 
+    	        <a href="">Listenr</a>, 
+    	        an iOS application for listening to music from <a href="">Tumblr</a>.
+    	    <li>
     	        <em>Summer 2009 &amp; 2010 for Stanford&rsquo;s Neuroscience Department</em>: 
 				Designed and built the interface for <em>NIMS</em>: a Pylons application that allows research groups to
  				collaborate on experiments, maintain subject information, and upload brain MRIs. JavaScript intensive.
     	        <em>2007-Present</em>: Freelance Web Development. Some recent creations:
+				    <li><a href="">QR Attend</a>, winner of MIT&rsquo;s 2011 Facebook 
+				        Hackathon. Easily generate QR codes and custom mobile websites for your Facebook 
+				        events. Put the codes on event fliers around your school/community.</li>
 					<li><a href="">Mondrian Automaton</a>, a site 
 					that generates mondrian-esque pictures based on user preference. Images made with 
 					<a href="">Processing.js</a>.</li>
-				<li><a href="">See more of my work here</a>.</li>
+				<li><a href="">See more of my work at</a></li>
     	    <p>Last updated Deceber 2010.</p>