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Podcast-generator is a simple set of PHP scripts that generates a podcast XML RSS feed. It reads a given directory where podcasts are, parses the ID3 tags of the MP3's and then places them in an RSS file in chronological order. Details

To configure this you will need to edit the podcast.php script. All configuration settings are in the $cfg array. It's fairly straight forward what needs to be configured (read the comments). The key thing to explain is that there are two modes for running the script. In the config section you will notice this:

$cfg['operation'] = "stdout"; //Values can be 'file' OR 'stdout'

The two modes of configuration are: stdout If set to stdout, the script will generate the XML every time on the fly and produce the output to standard out. In this case, your feed URL would be the file itself (podcast.php). This mode is recommended if you have < 20 podcasts you wish to parse. file File is the other mode. This means it will produce a file podcast.xml will be generated by the script. You would then need to schedule podcast.php in cron or some scheduler to refresh the podcast.xml every time there is a new MP3 yourself. If you choose the file mode - be sure to fill out the configuration settings for file mode (as per the comments in the script). Testing

This was developed in PHP5.1 and is known to work on both Windows and Linux.