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About PoliPress

PoliPress is a wordpress plugin that lets you quote members of parliament and search the Australian Hansard from within your WordPress blog.

PoliPress is powered by the http://openaustralia.org/api OpenAustralia API.

PoliPress Features

PoliPress lets you embed one or more speeches from a single blog post. You can:

PoliPress Requirements

  1. A wordpress install
  2. PHP 4.x or 5.x
  3. PHP http://www.php.net/manual/en/curl.installation.php cUrl installed Note: If you have Ubuntu you can simply install libcurl by typing sudo apt-get install php5-curl

Installing PoliPress

To install PoliPress follow the instructions below:

Get an OpenAustralia API Key

You will first need to make sure you have an OpenAustralia API key. Generate your http://www.openaustralia.org/api/key API key for OpenAustralia here

Install the Plugin

  1. Download the PoliPress Wordpress plugin from the http://code.google.com/p/poli-press/downloads/list project downloads page
  2. Unzip the plugin and upload it to your /wp-content/plugins directory on your WoprdPress blog
  3. Login to your WordPress admin console and click on the 'Plugins' link, and select PoliPress
  4. From there you will need to paste in your OpenAustralia API Key, and save the changes That's it! You are ready to use the PoliPress WordPress plugin.

Using PoliPress

PoliPress can be used within your blog post to bring in content form the Australian Hansard. Below are some examples of how to do this:

Display a specific speech from the Senate: [polipress gid="2009-06-16.43.1" type="senate"]

Display a specific speech from the House of Representatives: [polipress gid="2009-06-02.29.38" type="representatives"]

Search speeches made in the House of Representatives for anything about the 'nbn': [polipress search="nbn" type="representatives"]

Search speeches made in the House of Representatives for anything about the 'nbn' and display only the first two results: [polipress search="nbn" type="representatives" num="2"]

_Note:_ By default PoliPress will only display the first 5 results of a given search, unless otherwise specified

_How do I get the 'gid' of the speech I want to quote?_

There are two ways

  1. You can look for the "id" value in any OpenAustralia URL and copy that. For example, the following URL: http://www.openaustralia.org/senate/?id=2009-06-16.43.1 would have a gid of "2009-06-16.43.1".
  2. or you click on the "link to this" link of the specific in OpenAustralia, and copy the gid for that speech [http://blog.sherifmansour.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/gid_openaustralia.jpg]


If you have any feedback, would like to report a bug or have suggestions for an enhancements just fill out an issue. If you would like to contribute, fork this project!


This the latest version of PoliPress is known to work with the following versions:

  • WordPress 2.7.x
  • WordPress 2.8.3 If you install this plugin on another version of WordPress and it works please let us know so we can keep this page updated!