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AtomicParsley Shield Fork

This is a fork of atomic parsley to add some new features and handle new atoms added to the MP4 format by iTunes. For uptodate information vist my blog. Belowe is a list of features added to this fork.


Version 0.9.6
- CMake Build scripts.
- Option to output MP4 atoms as XML.
- Added support for 1080p iTunes atoms (--hdvideo option also takes a number)
- Added --flavor option for setting flvr atom.
- Allow sort order fields to be set in the format of --sortOrder name=value
- Added missing sort albumn option
- Added option for setting plID atom

Building Instructions

Building the sources can be done on windows, linux and Mac OSX. You will need cmake (www.cmake.org) on these platforms to perform the build:

  % cmake
  % make

Use the program in situ or place it somewhere in your $PATH by using:

  % sudo make install


zlib - used to compress ID3 frames & expand already compressed frames available from http://www.zlib.net

Stable Binaries

Version 0.9.5 binaries for different platforms can be found at these locations:

Prebuilt Development Binaries

There are pre-built binaries for different avaliable. The binaries are uploaded everytime their is a change to the source code. The binaries for various platforms can be downloaded from the following locations: