AtomicParsley Shield Fork

This is a fork of atomic parsley to add some new features and handle new atoms added to the MP4 format by iTunes. For uptodate information vist my blog. Belowe is a list of features added to this fork.


Version 0.9.6
- CMake Build scripts.
- Option to output MP4 atoms as XML.
- Added support for 1080p iTunes atoms (--hdvideo option also takes a number)
- Added --flavor option for setting flvr atom.
- Allow sort order fields to be set in the format of --sortOrder name=value
- Added missing sort albumn option
- Added option for setting plID atom

Building Instructions

Building the sources can be done on windows, linux and Mac OSX. You will need cmake ( on these platforms to perform the build:

  % cmake
  % make

Use the program in situ or place it somewhere in your $PATH by using:

  % sudo make install


zlib - used to compress ID3 frames & expand already compressed frames available from

Stable Binaries

Version 0.9.5 binaries for different platforms can be found at these locations:

Prebuilt Development Binaries

There are pre-built binaries for different avaliable. The binaries are uploaded everytime their is a change to the source code. The binaries for various platforms can be downloaded from the following locations: