MediaManager Information

MediaManager is a application and a API which can be used to retrieve TV show and movie meta data from Internet sources. This information is then stored locally and can be used perform actions upon media files. The most common action is to rename the file based on the media information.


  • Provides a CLI tools that perform actions on media files.
  • Fetches TV Show and Film meta data from the Internet via sources such as the XBMC scrapers.
  • Find film posters on the Internet for each film.
  • Allows multiple sources and stores.
  • Caches information in stores such as iTunes MP4 files and XML stores.
  • Able to notify iTunes of media file changes via a remote server running on the iTunes box.
  • Support for High Definition iTunes video atoms.
  • Runs on any platform that supports Java 1.6.
  • Provides action for executing system commands on media files.
  • Provides action to rename files based on complex patterns.
  • Provides a API for accessing the information.
  • Provides a store that writes Sapphire XML files.
  • Provides a store that saves metadata into MP4/M4V files that iTunes can read.
  • Configurable logging via log4j.
  • Able to watch folders for new media.
  • Provides a Java API for managing TV and Film media.


MediaManager is written in Java and requires JRE version >= 1.6 to use the installer and run MediaManager. Other requirements installed via the installer.


MediaManager can be downloaded from the download page. Or using the following links:


MediaManager is under active development. Check the Changelog for detials of the changes to each release or take a look at the ongoing developments using the Commit History. For the latest MediaManager use visit the blog.

Build Status

Media Manager v2.2 has been a long time coming, but is finally here. Here is a list of the changes:

  • Able to use the latest XBMC addons as media information sources.
  • Many improvements to the XBMC addon source.
  • Handle TV episodes that contain more than one episode
  • Added new File Database store
  • Added ability to store seen file information within a database resources
  • Added command line tool to print database schemas
  • Added configuration option for strip tokens.
  • If sources, stores or actions are configured, sensible defaults are used
  • Added new database store
  • Show/Film search make use of ignore tokens to find media name
  • Added ability to configure database resources
  • Added images for seasons of shows. These are used by default for mp4 files.