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updated codeassist pydocs

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 def get_doc(project, source_code, offset, resource=None):
-    """Get the pydoc
-    `maxfixes` is the maximum number of errors to fix if the code has
-    errors in it.
-    """
+    """Get the pydoc"""
     pymodule = _get_pymodule(project.pycore, source_code, resource,
     scope_finder = rope.base.evaluate.ScopeNameFinder(pymodule)
 def get_definition_location(project, source_code, offset, resource=None):
-    """Return a (`rope.base.resources.Resource`, lineno) tuple"""
+    """Return the definition location of the python name at `offset`
+    Return a (`rope.base.resources.Resource`, lineno) tuple.  If no
+    `resource` is given and the definition is inside the same module,
+    the first element of the returned tuple would be `None`.  If the
+    location cannot be determined ``(None, None)`` is returned.
+    """
     pymodule = project.pycore.get_string_module(source_code, resource)
     scope_finder = rope.base.evaluate.ScopeNameFinder(pymodule)
     element = scope_finder.get_pyname_at(offset)
     """Return a list of `Location`\s
-    if `unsure` is `True`, possible matches are returned, too.
+    If `unsure` is `True`, possible matches are returned, too.  You
+    can use `Location.unsure` to see which are unsure occurrences.
     name = rope.base.codeanalyze.get_name_at(resource, offset)